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Why Shrka?

From A to Z

In Shrka We build our super apps from A to Z, starting with Design, Categories, Data Collections, and data Entry. we perform multilingual apps, and we publish the app including the perfect marketing plan for the App (organic and paid)

Fast App Delivery / 7Days!

No more suffering from the huge waiting and delayed projects delivery, as we aim to support your app with Shrka’s Team who will build, upload, and publish the app within one week including the basic data entry.


A professional service is provided with acurate data collection, tested application with a multisupport service, with quick fixure and updates in both application data collection, and data entry senario.

UE / User Experience

We’ve build our super apps based on the user experience and needs while surfing the apps, the most used categories first, and quick to reach, while there is an advanced version of data and categories inside the app for the advanced usage of the app.

App Value

An App Value, is the key of the App success, for every App among millions of the apps should have a valuable reason to be installed on a user mobile device, therfore we study the value before starting an App project to ensure the success of the investment.

ROI / Retuern Of Investment

The first question when you start thinking about creating a Super App, is the return of investment, in Shrka we study, plan, and pursait your app with the full ROI documents and statistics, with a compelet SOWT Analysis provided in an accounting and a Quotation.

Start your Mega App with an affordable cost, ONLY 4800$

Shrka’s team is ready to opimize your app in just 7 days.